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My most active projects right now include a geomorphic evaluation of the Nooksack River near Bellingham, WA, Channel Migration Zone mapping of the Upper Missouri Basin, and continued remediation/restoration work on the Upper Clark Fork River.  I am SO HAPPY that we completed the  Yellowstone River Cumulative Effects Assessment-- a 15 year endeavor!  Very busy and loving it!

Upper Missouri River Basin Channel Migration Zone Mapping (current):  AGI is the lead geomorphologist in the development of Channel Migration Zone maps for portions of the Big Hole, Beaverhead, Jefferson, Madison, Ruby, Gallatin, and East Gallatin Rivers in the Upper Missouri Watershed of southwest Montana.  The work includes the evaluation of geologic influences on river process and the development of 100-year CMZ maps.

Nooksack River Geomorphic Analysis and Levee Setback Alternatives Development, Whatcom County, Washington (2014-2016):  AGI was hired as the lead geomorphologist in support of the development of a System Wide Improvement Framework (SWIF) for the Whatcom County Levee System near Bellingham, Washington. Responsibilities consist of a comprehensive geomorphic analysis of a 5-mile reach of the Nooksack River, including an analysis of historic and modern river system dynamics, evaluation of risks to levee stability based on these dynamics, development of SWIF alternatives, and evaluation of the geomorphic and hydraulic implications of specific alternatives. 

Clark Fork River Remedial Design/Remedial Action, Clark Fork River Montana (current):
AGI is currently serving as lead geomorphologist in the development of Remediation Designs for several phases of the Clark Fork River Operable Unit near Warm Springs Montana. AGI has been responsible for completing geomorphic field inventories, data analyses, tailings entrainment risk delineations, and a geomorphic characterization of site conditions. Analyses performed to date include a bankline erosion assessment, quantitative assessment of channel morphology, assessment of historic bank erosion rates, bed sediment characterization, in-stream habitat assessment, and integration of data to determine the controls on patterns of bank erosion within the reach. AGI is currently involved in the development of preliminary designs for Phases 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 15, and 16 of the CFROU.

Restoration Alternatives Development, Seven Mile Creek, Helena MT (2016): AGI was hired by the Prickly Pear Land Trust to evaluate geomorphic conditions on their newly acquired property along Sevenmile Creek and provide a suite of restoration alternatives to restore geomorphic, hydrologic and riparian function along a highly impacted channelized stream segment.

Geomorphic Assessment and Restoration Alternatives Development Ditch Creek, Grand Teton National Park (2016)
AGI served as lead geomorphologist in the evaluation of an avulsed channel segment on Ditch Creek near Blacktail Butte in Grand Teton National Park.  The project focused on evaluating the geomorphic history of the site and using that information to develop cost-effective solutions to restore fish passage and riparian function in an alluvial fan environment.

Musselshell River Watershed Plan (2015):
  AGI served as the lead contractor in the development of a project implementation strategy for the 350-mile long Musselshell River corridor.  The plan was based on a series of public stakeholder meetings during which 58 project concepts were submitted by local resource managers, producers, municipal leaders, and general residents, AGI and its subcontractors gathered existing information on all of those proposed projects and compiled them into a projects database.  AGI then worked with a local project ranking team to consolidate projects and evaluate each for a range of anticipated resource benefits.  Implementation strategies were then developed for the final project list, including timeline, sponsor, and potential funding sources.  Three of the top engineering projects were designed to a conceptual level with preliminary costing by Pioneer Technical Services Inc.  The results included a watershed characterization, a summary of recent and ongoing projects in the basin, proposed project descriptions, an implementation strategy, and preliminary designs for selected projects.  The ultimate project is a living document and database that will promote the development and implementation of stakeholder-driven water management efforts in the basin.

Yellowstone River Cumulative Effects Analysis (2002-2015):  For over a decade, AGI was a member of the Technical Advisory Committee for the evaluation of the cumulative impacts of human development on a 564-mile section of the Yellowstone River.  The study was a collaborative effort between the Omaha District of the Corps of Engineers and the Yellowstone River Conservation District Council. In 2014 AGI was contracted to perform the lead role in compiling results and writing report chapters for the hydrologic, hydraulic, and geomorphic components of the $5.8 million dollar study

Jefferson Slough Design Review (2016):  AGI was contracted by Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks to provide technical design review of a proposed reconfiguration of Jefferson Slough near Whitehall Montana.  The project is part of an effort to eradicate the most upstream mapped extent of Eurasian Water Milfoil in the Upper Missouri River Basin.

Beaverhead River Flushing Flow Plan Development (2014):  AGI was hired by Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks to develop a flushing flow strategy at Clark Canyon Reservoir on the Beaverhead River.  The flushing flow was developed at adaptively manage sediment impacts from a major tributary on the exceptional fishery of the Beaverhead River near Dillon, Montana.


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